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Getting Ready for Summer May 26, 2010

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School is winding down and I am trying to get a handle on what to do this summer. Little Man is now 7 years old and I have expectations that I want him to uphold. First I decided that chores will be a must. He needs to learn to keep picking up after himself. Second, I want him to still do things for learning. I want to help him keep the information he learned plus get a feel for what it to come ahead in second grade. Third, it’s the summer and I want it to include having fun and being able to enjoy time with his family. The thing is that I needed a plan because without one, all my good ideas would be out the window. Plus, I can’t stick to anything when I’m shooting from the hip every day.

On Mother’s Day we took a trip out to Barnes and Noble, just to take a look around and I found three books on the subjects where Little Man is the weakest. Suddenly, I was filled with excitement because I can work on those subjects over the summer and hopefully help him out for next school year. In order to find out how much we had to cover and in the amount of time given, I created blank calendar templates beginning in June and ending in August. Down here we end the second week in June and start back up about the third week in August. What I ended up with was we could cover about six pages a day, only sending about an hour to two hours working on things and it would all depend on how involved we got.  Also, to spread things out, I made each day of the week specifically geared towards something. I’m hoping that we can just take a little time each day to talk about things and then when we’re doing stuff, talk about lessons learned that week.

Chores were something I have written on the calendar and with four days assigned three jobs. Each day of completion earns a star. Four stars a week is a good weekend with no limitations on activities and a small allowance to spend. Three stars is a weekend with no electronics while two stars gets a weekend being grounded and one star is grounding plus paying us back the allowance. It is something I’m trying and it is new to the family, but I wanted to wait for the summer to be sure I could help him get into the routine of it. School year brings too many crazy nights to show consistency.

Last but not least is the fun list. While I don’t have tons of money to just blow all the time on things, I do however want to have ideas readily available to help fill time and make the day more enjoyable. I am still working on my fun list, but I know I can go to the internet and look for ideas to do with kids. Our community has a calendar which allows for prior knowledge of festivals, things for the kids, and ideas advertised by local businesses. Each day may not follow the schedule, however, it’s a place to start. If we miss out on some school work because  we decided to have lunch with Dad one day, we’ll just spend some time together another day while the baby sleeps.

Last year I worked from home and Julian spent most of his time watching tv. Especially since I don’t hold a high opinion of the cartoons available most of the time, I certainly need something to make the arguments decrease over tv watching while making both our time well spent. We’ll see how it goes.


Stupid but Funny Things

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My husband is a genius, but he’s still a guy. Last night we were in the kitchen doing last-minute things before we went to bed. We got on the topic of our bellies (don’t ask) and  Farron told me to look as his. He lifts up his shirt and I said, “It’s nothing compared to mine.” And normally you would expect the response to be no way or something to negate your negative comment. Not Farron. He looks at my stomach and said, “But yours it’s a saggy and flabby.” I do what I always do when he says something retarded and I pretend to be hurt, I drop my mouth open, pop open my eyes and turn around. In reality he was in belief he was saying something that made his much worse, but hey, he’s a guy.

After something like that you would expect him to be more careful. Nope, it’s not his style. By the time a new comment come out of this mouth we were in our bedroom. He was getting ready for bed and I was undressing for the shower. I started talking about intimacy and he said,” I don’t feel sexy right now.” I retorted with “I don’t always either, but you make me feel sexy and nothing else matters. Don’t  I make you feel sexy?” In response, the funny guy he is, stated “I’m better at my job than…” which he didn’t quite finish where he was going with that because he was realising what he was saying. Again, my face goes to shocked and I turn to walk into the bathroom.

It’s funny how little he thinks about things, with me, sometimes before he says it. Although, in so many ways I love it because I find it funny and I know where he comes from on all his slip ups. If it weren’t true we would have divorced when I was pregnant and I told him to come cuddle with me and he said (in a pouting sort of way), “But, but it’s hard because there’s more of you and your taking up the space.”

Again, I laughed and still find it funny.


Quality not Quantity May 23, 2010

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I got in very very late Saturday. Actually, it was 3am Sunday morning when my head hit the pillow. Next thing I know, I hear Bear crawling around the room and Farron getting dressed. I wasn’t too happy at first but then the hunger hit me. I couldn’t help but get up because I really needed food. Farron’s plans were to head over to his parent’s house for a visit. I didn’t really like the idea of being left alone and apparently he read it on my face because he invited me to come along. I said sure, got dressed, grabbed my healthy but quick and easy breakfast, and we were out the door. It was a nice visit but we headed home after a bit for Bear’s morning nap. I layed down and Farron headed out for Kayaking. When Farron returned it was time to get up again because Bear was up. We went out for lunch and then headed to Walmart. We didn’t need anything but we did want to look and possibly get something we wanted. By the time we got home, it was time to nap again. Bear, Farron, and I layed down for as long as Bear would sleep. After we got up we cleaned the house a bit and made dinner. 

The Family


The reason why this day seemed so important with all its mundane things is because we did them together. We spent time together as a family. We did things because we wanted to and not because we had to. We made decisions on what to do based on what we wanted. It may sound silly, but it feels rare when we get days like these. There are so many decisions that happen throughout the week that don’t feel like they are our own. Something needs to be cleaned, something has to be taken care of, something needs to be fed. The idea is that we chose our lives, but responsibilities take over and really feel like they take our power of choice. It was a day like today that made me enjoy the power of my decisions because so many days they feel like they are taken away from me. 

Farron and I


Farron and I sat a talked for a bit tonight and really found out how much we both enjoyed this weekend. Saturday was fun and it felt good. Sunday was a day we claimed as our own and no matter what, made decisions based on what we wanted and not what was expected, needed, or demanded. I absolutely love my husband and children, but rarely do I stop to remember how much I enjoy them individually and together. 

My Babies


It’s just one of those days! May 21, 2010

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I wasn’t sure how to start my blog and where to begin because I feel like I’m starting in the middle. But then my luck changed and I had a day like today. Where the craziness begins, is on my walk. Each morning I go for a walk with the baby in the stroller and our dog on a leash. Both seem to love the walk, but more so on the dogs end. She will whine to go for a walk if she thinks I’m waiting too long to go. Anyway, I got Bear ready to go and headed down into the drive way where I normally attach the dog on the leash. Instead of Cinnamon, the dog, trying to lead the way, she sat by the car like she wanted to go for a ride. I called her to come by me and she just sat there not really wanting to come and so I ended up coaxing her by me to get her on the leash. Once she got on the leash she was fine, but I did notice her not walking like she normally does. I second guessed myself and thought in my head she’s fine and continued on my way.

My walking path is always the same and it is measured as 3.1 miles. I was rounding on the half way point when Cinnamon wanted to stop and rest. I though okay for some reason she’s tired and I’ll just give her a minute. When I started to walk again she was fine, for a about a second. It was then that she started to want to head back to the house and made it pretty much impossible to go forward. I figured something must be bothering her and decided it would be fine if we headed back. I get another three minutes of walking out of her and then she stops. I thought we’d rest again for a bit and then start walking so we could get home, but no. A few minutes came and went, but still I couldn’t get Cinnamon to move. I started to get annoyed because I didn’t want to spend the rest of my day just trying to get home! Luckily I bend down to get water from the little storage area under the stroller and saw the strap on thing. I’m not sure what you call them, but it’s the thing that you can put the baby in and it straps them to you back or front. Since I was wanting to get moving again, I started to get Bear strapped up and lifted him and clipped everything so he would be on my back. Then I lifted the dog and placed her in the stroller. It was no easy task either because our dog is scarred of everything and she didn’t like being put in the stroller.

So there I am, walking again with a baby strapped to my back and a dog being pushed in the stroller. Luckily for me, my walk is along streets that frequently enough get traffic. As each car passed I thought, what a sight this must be. I don’t know if people are laughing after they pass or if they just thought I was stupid doing it the hard way.  The only thing that made me feel better on the way home was our passing a house where the dogs came running toward us. As I watched them approach their barking stopped and they kind of went sideways like they werent sure what they were seeing. And to top it off, I said to my dog, “I hope your embarrassed. Those dogs didn’t even know what to think of you riding in the stroller. Maybe next time you won’t be so difficult.”

Pushing 60 lbs and carrying and extra 20lbs

By the time I got home, my husband was at home and able to see the sight of us, which is where the picture came from.

Just a side note, but this also happened the morning our ac decided to flood the tile area. We used a shop vac to suck up all the water and then on the way out the door to dump the water, the lid slipped out and the container fell the the floor. This small action caused another clean up!