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Day One… Again May 28, 2010

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I have been on a personal mission of healthy eating for a really long time. I actually started a couple of years after I had our first son. Not only was I on a mission to stay skinny but I wanted to show our children how to eat.  Luckily for me, at that time,there was a new trend in America and it wasn’t dieting. It was eating healthy and organic and learning how to get back to the basics with food. Some where between our grandparents and ourselves, everything became just food. No one knew what they were putting in their mouth anymore, they just knew it was great tasting.

Since the beginning I started reading about food and health and picking up little bits as I go. Now I’m far from expert and nor will I sit and talk about what food are good and what foods are bad. However, I did learn more about what I was putting into my body and what a difference it made on what my body learned to do with it. All the information was good, but boy did it never really bring to practice how to live the life. I hear success stories of people losing weight and I keep thinking, there is something that they are not telling because for me it’s just too hard.

So here I sit after months of going healthy and I think at the beginning of each day here’s day one. The reason is because I always manage to screw things up. I have a soda, cookies, fried shrimp, and the list goes on of things that aren’t on the healthy list. In my mind, I’ve completely screwed up and have to start over. The progress isn’t there in the scale, so clearly I have managed to screw up my weight loss efforts by eating in a non healthy way. I’m completely frustrated and yet I will continue my search for success because the key is there. I just haven’t found what will really work for me.

In fact, as a side note, I have had a weight issue since I was twenty. The two times I’ve managed to lose weight was then I went to work the over night shift. My body wasn’t use to being up during that time and therefore didn’t know when to eat. What I managed to do was eat very little and my body had no choice but to eat fat stored to survive. I won’t ever do that again, but it wasn’t due to my efforts that I managed to lose weight. The other time was then I was pregnant with our second and got the flu. I don’t know how much I lost but I was three months pregnant and wearing things I couldn’t fit into before I got pregnant. Neither of those are options so I’m just sitting here facing another day one.


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