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Stupid but Funny Things May 26, 2010

Filed under: The Every Day — alyshaisabella @ 10:57 am

My husband is a genius, but he’s still a guy. Last night we were in the kitchen doing last-minute things before we went to bed. We got on the topic of our bellies (don’t ask) and  Farron told me to look as his. He lifts up his shirt and I said, “It’s nothing compared to mine.” And normally you would expect the response to be no way or something to negate your negative comment. Not Farron. He looks at my stomach and said, “But yours it’s a saggy and flabby.” I do what I always do when he says something retarded and I pretend to be hurt, I drop my mouth open, pop open my eyes and turn around. In reality he was in belief he was saying something that made his much worse, but hey, he’s a guy.

After something like that you would expect him to be more careful. Nope, it’s not his style. By the time a new comment come out of this mouth we were in our bedroom. He was getting ready for bed and I was undressing for the shower. I started talking about intimacy and he said,” I don’t feel sexy right now.” I retorted with “I don’t always either, but you make me feel sexy and nothing else matters. Don’t  I make you feel sexy?” In response, the funny guy he is, stated “I’m better at my job than…” which he didn’t quite finish where he was going with that because he was realising what he was saying. Again, my face goes to shocked and I turn to walk into the bathroom.

It’s funny how little he thinks about things, with me, sometimes before he says it. Although, in so many ways I love it because I find it funny and I know where he comes from on all his slip ups. If it weren’t true we would have divorced when I was pregnant and I told him to come cuddle with me and he said (in a pouting sort of way), “But, but it’s hard because there’s more of you and your taking up the space.”

Again, I laughed and still find it funny.


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