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Getting Ready for Summer May 26, 2010

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School is winding down and I am trying to get a handle on what to do this summer. Little Man is now 7 years old and I have expectations that I want him to uphold. First I decided that chores will be a must. He needs to learn to keep picking up after himself. Second, I want him to still do things for learning. I want to help him keep the information he learned plus get a feel for what it to come ahead in second grade. Third, it’s the summer and I want it to include having fun and being able to enjoy time with his family. The thing is that I needed a plan because without one, all my good ideas would be out the window. Plus, I can’t stick to anything when I’m shooting from the hip every day.

On Mother’s Day we took a trip out to Barnes and Noble, just to take a look around and I found three books on the subjects where Little Man is the weakest. Suddenly, I was filled with excitement because I can work on those subjects over the summer and hopefully help him out for next school year. In order to find out how much we had to cover and in the amount of time given, I created blank calendar templates beginning in June and ending in August. Down here we end the second week in June and start back up about the third week in August. What I ended up with was we could cover about six pages a day, only sending about an hour to two hours working on things and it would all depend on how involved we got.  Also, to spread things out, I made each day of the week specifically geared towards something. I’m hoping that we can just take a little time each day to talk about things and then when we’re doing stuff, talk about lessons learned that week.

Chores were something I have written on the calendar and with four days assigned three jobs. Each day of completion earns a star. Four stars a week is a good weekend with no limitations on activities and a small allowance to spend. Three stars is a weekend with no electronics while two stars gets a weekend being grounded and one star is grounding plus paying us back the allowance. It is something I’m trying and it is new to the family, but I wanted to wait for the summer to be sure I could help him get into the routine of it. School year brings too many crazy nights to show consistency.

Last but not least is the fun list. While I don’t have tons of money to just blow all the time on things, I do however want to have ideas readily available to help fill time and make the day more enjoyable. I am still working on my fun list, but I know I can go to the internet and look for ideas to do with kids. Our community has a calendar which allows for prior knowledge of festivals, things for the kids, and ideas advertised by local businesses. Each day may not follow the schedule, however, it’s a place to start. If we miss out on some school work because  we decided to have lunch with Dad one day, we’ll just spend some time together another day while the baby sleeps.

Last year I worked from home and Julian spent most of his time watching tv. Especially since I don’t hold a high opinion of the cartoons available most of the time, I certainly need something to make the arguments decrease over tv watching while making both our time well spent. We’ll see how it goes.


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