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Talking is not always a good thing May 24, 2010

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As I sit here about to start my blog, I remember Little Man when he was actually little. He wouldn’t say a word for the longest time. He was so far behind that I took him to a speech therapist to see if something was wrong. After working on sign language for a way to communicate, he started to talk and it was like he never missed a beat.

Tonight however, I got on to him for not flushing the toilet. It is something that we have talked about enough to permit lectures and punishment. As I sat there telling him how it was nonsense that I even have to say anything anymore and he should just always take care of it, he comes back with, “Like you take care of the little tub every night.”  While I’m sure the sense of knowing that he just talked back is found in the tone, but what he is talking about is his little brothers baby bath that I will leave draining in the tub while I get Bear dressed. More times than not, he will have to move it before he goes to take a shower.

I almost couldn’t say anything after that comment came out of his mouth. My first thought was how rude and then I was thinking about how he should not have had the nerve to say that to me. In total honesty though, I pretty much just ended the conversation because I just couldn’t react. As we walked away from each other I thought just slap him. I didn’t but I went and told Farron about what had just happened. Since Farron doesn’t tolerate back talking he went and layed into him about respect and then grounded him.

Even now, I’m just surprised at what comes from him. The little boy who wouldn’t talk for the first year and a half, possibly even two years, is now sassy. I know they go through stages and push their limits, but how can I be effective if I can’t even acknowledge what happened. I still don’t think if Farron weren’t here to back me up, I wouldn’t have been able to stand my ground. I know I don’t stand my ground all the time because sometimes I just can’t stand there and fight for it. I’m too tired and very well aware that it’s telling him it’s okay to do the same in the future. This time, I was too stunned to stand my ground and by the time I found the words, the moment would have passed and I don’t know if I would go revisit it. Since the moment has passed and it was taken care of, I’ll let it go and better never see a next time. (ha)


One Response to “Talking is not always a good thing”

  1. Colleen Says:

    I really enjoy this. I feel like I am sitting next to you in your living room, and chatting about life. There is something personal and relaxing about that. Readers can become your friend without ever physically meeting you. I look forward to reading more.

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