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Quality not Quantity May 23, 2010

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I got in very very late Saturday. Actually, it was 3am Sunday morning when my head hit the pillow. Next thing I know, I hear Bear crawling around the room and Farron getting dressed. I wasn’t too happy at first but then the hunger hit me. I couldn’t help but get up because I really needed food. Farron’s plans were to head over to his parent’s house for a visit. I didn’t really like the idea of being left alone and apparently he read it on my face because he invited me to come along. I said sure, got dressed, grabbed my healthy but quick and easy breakfast, and we were out the door. It was a nice visit but we headed home after a bit for Bear’s morning nap. I layed down and Farron headed out for Kayaking. When Farron returned it was time to get up again because Bear was up. We went out for lunch and then headed to Walmart. We didn’t need anything but we did want to look and possibly get something we wanted. By the time we got home, it was time to nap again. Bear, Farron, and I layed down for as long as Bear would sleep. After we got up we cleaned the house a bit and made dinner. 

The Family


The reason why this day seemed so important with all its mundane things is because we did them together. We spent time together as a family. We did things because we wanted to and not because we had to. We made decisions on what to do based on what we wanted. It may sound silly, but it feels rare when we get days like these. There are so many decisions that happen throughout the week that don’t feel like they are our own. Something needs to be cleaned, something has to be taken care of, something needs to be fed. The idea is that we chose our lives, but responsibilities take over and really feel like they take our power of choice. It was a day like today that made me enjoy the power of my decisions because so many days they feel like they are taken away from me. 

Farron and I


Farron and I sat a talked for a bit tonight and really found out how much we both enjoyed this weekend. Saturday was fun and it felt good. Sunday was a day we claimed as our own and no matter what, made decisions based on what we wanted and not what was expected, needed, or demanded. I absolutely love my husband and children, but rarely do I stop to remember how much I enjoy them individually and together. 

My Babies


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